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Koizumi to retire from politics? September 26, 2008

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Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi expressed his intention Thursday to retire from politics when his current term as a lawmaker ends, people close to him said. At a meeting in his hometown of Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, Koizumi, 66, said he will not run in the next House of Representatives election and that he hopes his second son, Shinjiro, 27, will instead run in his place, they said.

For more detail: http://www.japantoday.com/category/politics/view/koizumi-to-retire-from-politics

Who is Junichiro Koizumi?

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen shake hands after signing the agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan in Phnom Penh.


Junichiro Koizumi (小泉 純一郎, born January 8, 1942) is a Japanese politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan from 2001 to 2006.


Widely seen as a maverick leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), he became known as an economic reformer, focusing on Japan’s government debt and the privatization of its postal service. In 2005, Koizumi led the LDP to win one of the largest parliamentary majorities in modern Japanese history.


Early life:

Koizumi is a third-generation politician. His father, Junya Koizumi, was director general of the Japan Defense Agency and a member of the Diet. His grandfather, Matajiro Koizumi, was Minister of Posts and Telecommunications under Prime Ministers Hamaguchi and Wakatsuki and an early advocate of postal privatization. 


Personal life:

Koizumi married 21-year-old university student Kayoko Miyamoto in 1978. The marriage ended in divorce in 1982. Kayoko was unhappy with her lifestyle and Koizumi did not see Kayoko as a viable political wife.

Two of his three sons (Kotaro Koizumi and Shinjiro Koizumi) were kept in Koizumi’s custody and raised by one of Koizumi’s sisters. The youngest, Yoshinaga Miyamoto, a student at Keio University, was born following the divorce and has never met Koizumi.



1960: Graduated from Yokosuka High School

1967: Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University

He attended University College London before returning to Japan in August 1969 upon the death of his father.


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[2]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junichiro_Koizumi

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