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Taro Aso: Japan’s 92th Prime Minister September 26, 2008

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Taro Aso, chief of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), was elected as Japan’s 92th Prime Minister by 337 votes from the 478 members in the LDP-controlled House of Representatives.


Born into a family of an elite political lineage on the southern island of Kyushu, the 68-year-old veteran politician was first elected to the lower house in 1979 and has served twice as secretary general, the No. 2 post, of the ruling LDP.


Aso is faced with the challenge posed by the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), which demands a general election for the lower house. His party faces a life-or-death situation in the election as the election will reveal the people’s hearts toward the party, said a Yomiuri Shimbun’s editorial Tuesday.

Newly elected Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso (C) poses with cabinet members for a photo session at the premier’s official residence in Tokyo September 25, 2008.

A handout photo released by the Imperial Household Agency on September 25, 2008 shows Japan’s new Population Minister Yuko Obuchi (R) receiving a certificate from Emperor Akihito (L) during the installation ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, while new Prime Minister Taro Aso (C) looks on. Lawmakers voted to elect Aso, a 68-year-old conservative popular with the young and known for his straight talk, after quelling an attempt by the upper house to install a rival as premier.

More photos: http://www.daylife.com/topic/Taro_Aso/photos/all/1

Aso Cabinet: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cabinet/cabinet.html

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