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2008 UNU Global Seminar 10th Okinawa Session on “Science and Technology: The Human Security Perspective” October 21, 2008

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The United Nations University will organise a seminar in Okinawa on science and technology for human security. Applications are open now. Deadline is 30 October 2008

Details are below:

Science and Technology: The Human Security Perspective

Date: 2008.12.18–21

Contact: okinawa2008@hq.unu.edu

Brochure (2.7 MB PDF)

Application Form (68 KB MS Word)

Today, we enjoy the benefits of science and technology more than ever before: our lives have become more convenient, easier and richer in so many ways. The rapid growth of information communication technologies, in particular, is a driving force for globalization, and has dramatically shaped the ways in which we interact and perceive the world. But advances in science and technology have not benefited the world’s population equitably. What is more, concurrent with these advances, we must confront a number of emerging global problems (such as climate change, poverty, HIV/AIDS, terrorism, and others) that have raised the awareness of human security: peoples’ aspiration to enjoy freedom from fear and want. In tackling today’s global problems and concerns, what role should science and technology play in the quest to achieve better lives for all of humankind?




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