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Vichara Chhy: A New Seed of Hope for Cambodia November 15, 2008

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These days Vichara Chhy spends her time studying for her exams at Murdoch University in Western Australia and chatting with friends, like any other student. In fact, though, she is a remarkable young woman and, at only 22, a true citizen of the world already. – Campus Asia, Australia.

Born in Cambodia, Ms Chhy won a Cambodian government scholarship to study in Japan, and has studied English at the University of California at Berkeley, been selected for a Japanese university exchange program to study for a year at Murdoch University, and attended an international youth congresses in Glasgow. – Melvill Times, Australia.

Now that peace has come to Cambodia, Ms Chhy said she believed it was time to begin reconstruction to help Cambodia’s economy to catch up with other countries in the region, and to give hope to the young generation. – Comment News – Gosnells, Australia.

Twenty-two year old exchange student Vichara Chhy is an inspiration to many. – The Murdoch University Community Magazine – Explore, Australia .


2009: Bachelor Degree in Economics, Ryukoku University (Japan)

2008: Exchange program, Murdoch University (Australia)

2006: Communication Skills and Internship, ESI of UC Berkeley (USA)

Scholarships & Awards:

Sun Fund Scholarship (2003-2009), Cambodian Government Scholarship (2008), JASSO (2004, 2007-2008), Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) prize (2007), Kyoto Friendship Ambassador Bounty (2006-2009), BIE-Program Award of Ryukoku University (2006),  Award seventh top student at Mathematics, National Mathematics Competition (2002), Award third top student at Mathematics, Kandal Province Mathematics Competition (2002), Award first top student at Mathematics, Koh Thom High school Mathematics Competition (2001). 



Vichara Chhy & Friends @ Murdoch University, Australia


Sandra Wilson: “Exchange student an inspiration”, The Murdoch University Community Magazine, Explore, November 2008, Vol. 2/ISS 7, p.6



Sandra Wilson: “Quest to rebuild a homeland”, Community Newspaper Group, Comment News-Gosnells, August 5, 2008, p.24 

Link: http://epaper.communitynews.com.au/Archive/Skins/cng/navigator.asp?skin=cng&BP=OK


Sandra Wilson: “Young chiever at Murduch”, Community Newspaper Group, Melville Times, August 5, 2008, p.13 

Link: http://epaper.communitynews.com.au/Archive/Skins/cng/navigator.asp?skin=cng&BP=OK

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