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The Legacy of George W Bush January 30, 2009

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CBS News:

The Legacy of George W Bush – BBC


President George W Bush’s legacy was always going to be controversial.

The manner in which he took office deeply split America and his response to 9/11 divided world opinion.


The BBC’s North America Editor, Justin Webb, presents this two-part series looking into how George Bush will be remembered.


Part One


September the 11th 2001, has become one of the most significant moments in modern history.


In the first part of this documentary, Justin Webb investigates how this terrorist attack changed American foreign policy and defined Bush’s legacy forever.


President Bush’s efforts to keep America safe led to invasions in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Saddam Hussein was captured and sentenced to death and yet the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden remain unknown.


Bush’s supporters argue that he has kept America safe, as there have been no subsequent attacks since 9/11.


Yet, his critics feel that he has exacerbated the problem and went to war on the basis of a lie.


George Bush has served the US for eight years in some of the worst times America has ever known.


Join Justin Webb as he hears from current and former world leaders, senior White House staffers, diplomats and others who worked with and sometimes against President Bush.


Part Two


George Bush entered the White House under a cloud.


He had lost the lost popular vote and when the Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida and named him president, some felt the election had been stolen.


With his legitimacy still in question and his goals still modest, the new president was eager to get to work, and domestic issues like education, immigration and health care were a priority.


However, the tragedy of 9/11 turned this peace-time president into war mode.


The terrorist attacks called for what President Bush described as “extraordinary measures for extraordinary times,” and helped stop further attacks on American soil.


With two wars under his belt, President Bush had the power to provoke intense animosity as well as loyalty.


His approval rating soared to some of the highest figures ever recorded and in 2004, he won more votes than any presidential candidate had ever done.


At the same time issues like Guantanamo Bay and the abuse suffered by Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib drew international headlines.


The words ‘George Bush’ became synonymous with incompetence and bad judgement.

The situation in Iraq went from bad to worse and even mother nature turned against him when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.


More than 1000 people were killed and the rescue operation was shambolic.


Politically, Hurricane Katrina not only damaged Bush but the Republican party itself.


The Bush’s new home city of Dallas had voted Republican every election since 1964, that is until now, when they voted for America’s first African American President.


His failures and fall outs paved the way for Barack Obama and Democratic Congress.


Join Justin Webb as he hears from current and former world leaders, senior White House staffers, diplomats and others who worked with and sometimes against President Bush.


Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries/2009/01/090119_legacy_of_bush_2.shtml



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